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Geek Send-off (to the hereafter)


According to the Austrian Times, Hu Chuang of Chongqing, Southwest China, was so passionate about computers that when he passed away unexpectedly at age 26 (while emailing friends!) his family had a tombstone made for him in the shape of a computer. The design includes a monitor (with his image and the dates of his birth and death), a desktop computer, and a keyboard.

"His parents kept his email address open and encouraged friends and family to keep sending him emails because, who knows, maybe he can read them on the other side," said one family friend.


Merv Griffin is still making people laugh.


Hollywood legend Merv Griffin is still getting laughs — from beyond the grave.

As one of his final wishes, the late talk show king asked that his granite grave stone bear this tongue-in-cheek inscription: "I will not be right back after this message." Now his irreverent last words are drawing crowds to the tiny Westwood Village Memorial Park in Los Angeles — which is also the last resting place of Hollywood legends Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin, Carroll O'Connor and Jack Lemmon.

Told that Merv is still getting laughs in the graveyard, his company spokesperson Marcia Newberger told The ENQUIRER: "Merv would have wanted it exactly that way." Merv died Aug. 12 at age 82 after a long battle with prostate cancer. He left a $1 billion estate — and a legacy of smiles.

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