Visiting The Dead

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Being a computer geek …

... this image always makes me smile. I'm sure that "Reformat" really is their family name and that the stone was carved long before hard drives were routinely formatted and RE-formatted. But it still strikes me as funny. (From a cemetery in NW Indiana.)

-- Caspra


How can one not be touched by this lovely stone?

(From a Catholic cemetery in NW Indiana.)

-- Caspra


This one has always haunted me

This family lost two children in two years. The first, a son, was born in 1973 and lived just 8 hours. The next year, a girl survived only 15 hours.

I want to know how these babies died. But even more I want to know what happened to the parents in the years that followed. Did they ever have a healthy child that lived to adulthood? How did they deal with their grief? Were they able to have anything close to a normal life, in spite of their loss? (From a Catholic cemetery in NW Indiana.)

-- Caspra

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